The Investor Relations division of Brodmann Enterprises specializes in creating dynamic new growth for emerging companies within the OTC markets. Unlike full service, contract based Investor Relations programs (which we offer), our Investor Relations (OTC Market Relations division) was created for OTC companies that want a service by service program without having to sign contracts and hire entire teams to handle their investor relations needs. This is especially attractive to many OTC companies that are just getting started and don’t want to search and deal with a separate entities for creating their logo, new website, social media management, etc. If you want a logo created, but not a website, we can do that. If you want us to manage your social media content, but don’t need anything else, we can do that. Or, if you want it all, we can do that as well.

This division also specializes in high-impact corporate interviews, profiles, updates, and news releases. This again is all a service by service program. We specialize in high-impact content for companies that reach a very broad audience of current and possible new shareholders.

We make it so you only have to deal with one entity for all your OTC Market needs.


We will create a professional logo for your company without having to hire a independent logo designer, saving you time and money. We create some of the most unique and brand-able logos in the market, and provide continuous logo/graphic modifications with ease. If you are wanting to modify your logo for a product, or simply want a catchy social media graphic with your logo incorporated in it, we can do that.


In addition to logo design, we also offer full service website development services. Whether you want a complex website for your company, or simply a website to showcase your OTC company, we can do that. Domain, hosting, and website development can all be done with us.


Very important for OTC companies is their presence on social media. We have a proven and well established track record of company social media management. We will handle your twitter account, create unique custom graphics for each social media post/blast, and will handle everything social media related from start to finish. You will have your very own social media manager.


Perhaps one of our most successful programs is our high-impact content creation. This is a service by service program (meaning you pay for each piece of content, no contracts) that creates professional, and very high impact, corporate interviews, profiles, news releases, social media blasts, and anything related to information reaching new shareholders for your company. Below are some examples.


Our years of experience with a proven and accomplished record of accomplishment makes us one of the most successful OTC market specialists in the world. Our goal is to help grow your company and expose it to a steady stream of new possible shareholders. These are just some of the services we offer. For information on pricing and options for your company, please contact: