Brodmann Enterprises prides it self on dedicating time, resources and funding to vast array of programs within our communities. This includes sponsoring youth sports teams, creating and running non-profit organizations, running fund raising events, as well as our “HERO” division. Our HERO division is comprised of a small group of individuals with specific skills such as mechanics, hair dressers, accountants, chefs, and many more. A couple times a year Brodmann Enterprises will host an event that offers these services to individuals in financial need, free! It’s one of our most rewarding programs. Also, we are proud to have recently launched our first Non-Profit Organization, “Computer 4 Youth”, which is a program designed to provide computers/laptops to the youth population who are unfortunately not in a financial position to be able to own a computer/laptop. If you would like to be apart of any one of our programs or donate to anyone of our programs, please email us at: 

Our Current Non-Profit Organizations