Brodmann Enterprises Exclusive Interview with Lingerie Fighting (OTC:BOTY)

How is 2019 treating you and BOTY so far? What have you and the company been up to?

“2019 has gotten off to a very busy start as we just unveiled our first calendar and released it for sale on our site ( Over the past several weeks we shot photoshoots with 15 of our most popular fighters in Las Vegas and Canada. All the shoots were filmed and will be turned into a 2 hour video later in the year.”

Can the shareholders expect a company news update or Press Release in the near future?

“We just did a media release in support of the calendar and will soon release a news update.”

Can you tell us a little more about the company, and what exactly it focuses on?

“Lingerie Fighting Championships is a sports entertainment company that presents a very unique MMA / wrestling event that is carried on more than 2000 cable / satellite systems and networks. We also have a reality series that just went into its 5th season. We focus on presenting the most entertaining show possible and living up to our slogan ‘a little bit of MMA, a little bit of wrestling and a little bit of clothing’.”

Will you be looking to be acquiring any new entities in 2019?

“No plans to acquire at this time.”

How will you be going to be generating more revenue for the company in the future?

“The two areas we’re focusing on is increased television revenues through a bigger broadcast license and increased sponsorship revenue.”

Is the company thinking of issue a share buyback for the shareholders in 2019?

“We have no plans to issue a share buyback at this time.”

Can you tell us about any new projects you folks are working on ?

“We are currently in talks with several venues and promoters to do at least two more events in 2019 – LFC26 & LFC27 – hopefully to coincide with some sports conventions where we can pitch our show to networks and sponsors. We are also making several improvements to our site and exposing more and more people to our product (reality series & events) on our YouTube and FaceBook channels. We are trying to better monetize our huge popularity on social media and just saw the LFC20 sizzle reel surpass 19 million views.

Can shareholders expect any filings/revs in the near future?

We are currently working on our 10K and expect to file on time

Note: Brodmann Enterprises and its employees does not own any financial position (shares) in this company, nor do any of it’s affiliates. 

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