Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Karwowski, CEO of BEMG (Beta Music Group, Inc.)

Today we are joined by Elizabeth Karwowski, CEO of BEMG (Beta Music Group, Inc.) , to chat about her company, and its sudden expansion. Setting off stock scanners this week is Beta Music Group, Inc (OTC:BEMG), as it recently announced that it has acquired Get Credit Healthy, a Fintech company that has developed a proprietary process and softwar which  integrates with the lender’s loan origination software (LOS) and customer relationship management software (CRM) in order to create new loan opportunities while recapturing leads. Further, the company released news that the company is without toxic debt and will not be issuing any type of reverse stock split of BEMG common stock in the foreseeable future. We are happy to be able to chat with Elizabeth for a few moments to see what makes her company so exciting to shareholders.


Hello Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. We really appreciate it.
How is 2018 treating you and BEMG so far?

We are off to another great start in 2018 and continue to grow revenue and increase market share.  Our Revenues for first quarter 2018 were up 15% over fourth quarter of 2017.

Beta Music Group, Inc., through its operating subsidiary Get Credit Healthy (“BEMG”) is committed to providing the resources necessary to accelerate growth for BEMG.  Our plans call for continued growth and increased market share.

Can the shareholders expect a company news update or Press Release in the near future?

BEMG is committed to consistently providing company news and updates for our shareholders, media outlets and industry publications.  A number of mortgage industry publications have already published articles and continue to be interested in publishing thought leadership articles from Get Credit Healthy executives.  We have also rolled out a new banker portal in the 1st quarter and continue to focus on exciting opportunities that will create new advancement for BEMG in the Fintech industry.  We also plan to send quarterly shareholder updates.  Please visit our website News section for the latest updates and articles.  www.betamusicgroup.net (soon to be launched!)


Can you tell us a little more about the company, and what exactly it focuses on?

BEMG is a leading Fintech company that provides an award-winning technology platform that delivers a proven methodology to maximize business opportunities for Lenders, Financial Advisors, Municipalities and Consumers. At BEMG our highly skilled staff of business opportunity experts help create millions in new loan opportunities for our partners. BEMG is a disruptive award winning platform that transforms a currently untapped market into a well-qualified, well-informed applicant pool that desires and more importantly qualifies for the financial products offered by your financial institution.


BEMG provides an award-winning platform that transforms a currently untapped market into a well-qualified, well-informed applicant pool at no charge to our partners.


BEMG is an organization that provides consumers with the tools and resources they need to eliminate debt, build credit, and make sound financial decisions. Unlike similar companies that only treat symptoms, BEMG operates under the philosophy that the only way to break individual and systemic cycles of poverty is to treat root causes of financial difficulties.  We believe that the only way to truly help consumers become financially healthy is to educate and change their behavioral and mental approach to their financial health.


Once consumers enroll in one of our programs, they are immediately paired with one of our experienced credit coaches, who perform a comprehensive analysis of a consumer’s financial and credit history before providing an in-depth explanation  as to how past decisions led the consumer to his or her current position. The credit coach will then become intimately familiar with the needs and goals of that consumer to devise a customized plan of action.


Consumers then utilize our interactive platform and actively participate in every phase of remediation. This methodology has the two-pronged effect of allowing consumers to physically see how their decisions and actions impact their financial well-being, while simultaneously providing a practical education. In addition to coaching, the consumer has access to a plethora of resources such as webinars, live telephonic sessions with credit specialists, and interactive educational materials.  For additional information please visit our website www.betamusicgroup.net.


What % of leads are recaptured from the software that “Get Credit Healthy” has developed?

Get Credit Healthy provides tools to convert lenders 39% fall out into funded.  Our platform has already facilitated over $200 million in new loan opportunities for our partners.

Today’s fiercely competitive financial service markets challenge financial services companies like never before. Heightened pressure to create new loan opportunities, reduce prospect lead fallout, provide better pipeline visibility, mitigate risk, enhanced customer loyalty and regulatory compliance poses a significant burden on financial institutions (lenders, bankers and financial planners).

To thrive under these intense market conditions in this highly regulatory environment requires a revolutionary new solution that transforms currently untapped markets into a well-qualified, well-informed applicant pool.


  • Get Credit Healthy significantly reduces loan fall out, lowering lenders cost to originate for free.
  • Get Credit Healthy converts fallout into funded, helping lenders close more loans while providing them with a significant competitive advantage. 
  • Get Credit Healthy allows lenders to help potential borrowers without violating the Consumer Credit Protection Act thus reducing loan fall out.

Lenders can calculate their new loan opportunities by visiting our websites loan calculator at https://getcredithealthy.com/lenders/.


Will you be acquiring any new entities in 2018?

We are constantly evaluating the market and looking for ways to accelerate growth.  If we identify the right acquisition target(s) we will pursue those opportunities.


Can you give us any idea of projected revenues for end of 2018, going into 2019?

Get Credit Healthy has showed sustained growth over the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down. Get Credit Healthy is working to increase its network of partners, and is looking forward to a very promising future.


How will you be going to be generating more revenue for the company in the future?

We will continue to aggressively expand our network of partners, identify acquisition targets, and roll out new products that will enhance our current offerings.


Does the company plan to uplist to higher stock exchanges any time soon?  

We plan on filing a registration statement inclusive of Audited financials with the Securities and Exchange Commission and uplist to the OTCQB to provide the most compliant up to date disclosure for our Shareholders in 2019


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