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About U.S. Energy Initiatives: U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation (OTC Pink: USEI) is a diverse energy firm. U.S. Energy Initiatives and its wholly owned subsidiary USEI Cannabis business centers on everything cannabis related and developing products and services for the marketplace. Our Ultimate Cure Pure Plant Extractions & Real McCoy Genuine Products: we market vapor pens and accessories, topical ointments, cannabis oils and tinctures all under these same names; we are actively working to obtain the ability to produce our own products and produce cannabis oil for the California marketplace utilizing our 20L MRX Super Critical Extractor and post production equipment. Our goal here is to become an environmentally responsible firm, marketing our products to our audience to produce significant revenue and add value for our shareholders. We have very ambitious goals and objectives for USEI Cannabis and we believe that we will have a very long presence in Washington, and wherever cannabis is legal. Our objective is to create a foundation that will be instrumental in our continued conquest to capture our market-share and create viable products that meet our goals and objectives for these markets.

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USEI is seeking to benefit from the opportunity and sell market and produce California cannabis products
SANTA CLARITA, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 8, 2017) – USEI CANNABIS Initiatives CORP, a wholly owned subsidiary of US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC PINK: USEI) is a California based company and is pleased to announce that it will focus all of its energy on California cannabis and focus on 4 separate initiatives: Growing cannabis (we currently have a license to grow for medical), selling cannabis based products (which we have done since 2014), establish our brand Real McCoy Genuine products and produce, sell and market cannabis oil for the marketplace.
According to Anthony Miller, CEO, “In 2014 we entered the cannabis space and immediately opened 2 dispensaries in the state of Washington where we sold CBD based products (topicals, tincture, lotions, potions, straight CBD oil, pills, vapes, t-shirts, batteries, pens, pipes, edibles and a wide range of products branded with our logo “real McCoy Genuine Cannabis”), we had an online store called the Ultimate Cure, and got in line to get a Recreational license in the state of Washington. Our success was limited because we were not permanent residents and because we got into the game a little late and saw many residents make significant money all around us. Our goal is to take all of the experiences we have learned in the past years and channel it and all of our energy and strategic partnerships into California cannabis. USEI has a current license to grow and partners that have been growing for many years successfully in California and know the hottest strains that produce the highest yields and money. We plan on growing California cannabis in the 1st quarter of 2017; also we plan to re-launch our online store under our brand name Real McCoy Genuine Cannabis, and more importantly our focus will be on producing cannabis oil for the California marketplace. This week Management is in Oregon where the best cannabis oil in the world is currently being sold and produced… because the best technology is here. It is Management’s view that the production, sales and the ability to create products with the highest quality oil and the highest quality THC and or CBD is key to our success. This will be our major focus in 2017… super-critical CO2 extractions with the best available technology and it our goal to leverage our relationship with MRX- xtractors to accomplish our goals (YouTube it folks you will be amazed). We will describe this plan and our relationship at a later date. This new vision will be the best path possible, and that 2017 and beyond will be our better years,” commented Miller.

SANTA CLARITA, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 27, 2017) – USEI CANNABIS Initiatives CORP, a wholly owned subsidiary of US ENERGY INITIATIVES CORPORATION, INC. (OTC PINK: USEI) is a California based company is pleased to announce it has purchased its first MRX 20L Super-critical CO2 Botanical Extraction Unit to be used for the express purpose of participating in the California cannabis industry. On January 1, 2018, California (the largest black market for cannabis in the world) becomes the largest legal cannabis market in the world…with an estimated market of approximately $6.8 billion dollars. This unit is the first of many that will be procured in 2018 to help provide our California’s industry with this vital extracted resource…that is contained in a wide range of cannabis products. This oil is the most significant product produced in this legal industry…and the most profitable sector of this industry.
According to Anthony Miller, CEO, “we have just raised over $220,000 in capital to begin our new venture, a strategic partnership with certain cannabis acute investors and USEI is the majority partner and USEI’s management and staff will operate the venture on a daily-basis in the Los Angeles area. We have gone to great lengths to develop a venture for the Company that is not dilutive to the share structure of USEI…we have had many offers for capital that would have flooded billions of additional shares of stock into the marketplace; and we resisted that urge to procure capital that would have dramatically increased our share structure.
“Two weeks ago, we purchased our first MRX 20 Liter Supercritical CO2 Xtractor and our goal is to acquire 2 more units in 2018. These devices require 9-18 pounds of cannabis daily (500 pounds per month) and we plan to place the second unit on line in January or February or, as soon as, we can secure a supply chain of feed-stock. Management will examine acquiring a 100 Liter unit if sufficient feedstock and the demand requires it. The MRX technology is arguably the best available cannabis extraction device on the planet, extracting the highest yield per pound and the best quality cannabis oil and clients have won many ‘Cannabis Cup’ awards for quality over the past few years.”
Note: MRX has dozens of these units in the legal states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and now California and based upon those operations (and revenue models) USEI is projecting that it will produce approximately $5.4 million dollars in revenue in 2018. We have a business plan that will also include cannabis extraction using hydrocarbon techniques, so collectively we intend to produce wax, shatter, CO2 oil, hash, pure THC, CBD, BHO and RSO. This venture will fund our future growth strategy however, when we take additional capital, it will be used to enhance our operations; and it will not be detrimental to our current share structure. California has an enormous demand for extracted products and the demand is projected to grow each year that there is recreational cannabis. Along with this production equipment, we intend to procure a significant amount of post-production equipment which allows us to produce a finished product of the highest quality. Our goal is to be known as a company that produces the highest quality product and our goal is to be mentored by many of the successful MRX clients that have been doing this for years. This venture is designed to be replicated in every state that seeks to sell legal cannabis.
“This is a venture that we have been working on for many years…We have been waiting with anticipation for California to become legal for recreational cannabis…The time has come for USEI to become a strong participant in this industry; and that is our goal. In the next 2 to 3 months, we are projecting to report at least 10 milestones that will be significant to our overall success and each should be memorized by a press release…As many of you know, I only put out press of significant milestones and we have many coming. Additional information about the MRX technology can be found at, and our website or our Facebook page…
“Without a doubt this is a significant milestone for USEI and it is only the beginning of what we have in store for 2018; also noteworthy is that this device is slated for delivery to us before Christmas. Because of this fact we plan to begin cannabis production with our extractor in 2017; and we are actively working on obtaining provisional licenses to begin our operation next month once our unit arrives. I want to thank those investors who have diligently hung in there while we had been working behind the scenes to make this venture come to life… and we hope that our good work will become beneficial to you all. Thanks again; finally,” commented Miller.

According to Anthony Miller, CEO, “Last week our team went to Oregon for training to become familiar with our equipment; once we are ready to take delivery we will have on-site training under real world conditions. We bought and paid ‘in full’ ($190k) for our first MRX 20 Liter Supercritical CO2 Xtractor and our goal is to acquire 2 more units in 2018 (Additional information about the MRX technology can be found at, and our website or our Facebook page). These devices require 9-18 pounds of cannabis daily (500 pounds per month). The MRX technology is arguably the best available non-violate cannabis extraction device on the planet, extracting the highest yield per pound and the best quality cannabis oil; we believe that it provides us with an added advantage over other available technologies.
“At the moment of this press release… there are only a handful of companies that have received licenses for operating in this legal market; and in the next 4-6 months California will be issuing licenses to participants in three phases. The state of California has gone to great lengths to level the playing field so that new entrants have the same opportunity as long time players. We will be seeking to procure a “Micro Business License” that contains up to 4 distinct licenses and one of them will be manufacturing. We are actively working to acquire a location(s) and strategic partnerships to capitalize on our opportunities.
“Our business plan includes cannabis extractions using all available techniques, so collectively, we intend to produce a wide range of products. We also have a plan (announcing in the coming days) designed to fund our future growth and allow us to procure a significant amount of post-production equipment to grow this business.  We believe that our business plan will produce significant revenue for USEI in 2018, adding significant value to our shareholders.

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USEI Cannabis Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Energy initiatives Corporation Inc. and was formed for the express purpose to take advantages of extensive relationships with legal growers, dispensaries, product developers, marketers, patent holders and other professionals in the cannabis industry. Management believes that these relationships and opportunities could and will create significant opportunities for the firm. Management believes that this is just sound business for USEI. Our goal is strategically make our Cannabis subsidiary as a very lucrative division of USEI and develop our own proprietary products and services. Our hope is this that firm ultimately becomes a separate fully reporting public company to maximize its potential.


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Harrison A McCoy lll CTO

Harrison A. McCoy, III is the great-great grandson and direct descendant of Elijah McCoy, one of America’s first African-American engineers who invented the “Lubricating Cup.” The expression -“The Real McCoy” -was coined for the invention of this lubricating cup that automatically oiled machinery without down time, thus eliminating the need for a mechanic bearing an oiling can. Mr. McCoy has a twenty-five year career working at waste/alternative/renewable fuels and energy engineering, business development and land development. Mr. McCoy is invaluable in developing business opportunities with the United States National Laboratory systems.



-MRX Labs

MRX took home the award for Best Testing Facility in Oregon for the second year running – making them the only facility to ever win this award since its inception.And it is an award they absolutely deserve. Their testing facilities are state of the art and their practices are setting the standard for the cannabis testing industry. Their customizable suite of analytical services gives them the most personalized services in Oregon, and their consistency and precision are unmatched.

-MRX Xtractors

Canby, Oregon, March 28, 2018 – MRX Xtractors is proud to introduce the latest in commercial extraction processing—the MRX 100C extractor—leading the technology in the ever-expanding cannabis and hemp industry.
The demand for extracted cannabis and hemp has reached unprecedented levels. Along with the increase in demand, the industry faces strict regulations and high-quality expectations. Previous technology has not been able to keep up with maintaining a quality product.
The MRX 100C is the industry’s solution for the challenges it is facing. The supercritical CO2 extractor’s fully automated system, partnered with breakthrough engineering, produces consistent products, operational efficiency, and reliable data. It offers an all-in-one package that is designed as a continuous feed system for 24/7 operation.
“There is a disconnect between high quality, consistent extractions, and high-volume production. We have designed the MRX 100C to address this while being highly efficient in production labor, time, and energy. We are beyond excited to be introducing this advanced technology; this is an industry game changer,” states Paul Tomaso, creator of MRX 100C.
For more information on MRX, contact 877-423-497 or
About MRX:
MRX is the most respected brand in extraction systems with award-winning customers such as Cura, Chalice Farms, and Coda Signature. MRX systems are manufactured on-site at our facility in Canby, Oregon. With the most extensive background in testing cannabis and hemp from our affiliate company, MRX Labs, the company continues to break new ground in extraction methodology and go beyond the standard.

Now that CO2 has had an opportunity to thrive in the fast-growing cannabis industry, there are more than 30 CO2 extraction equipment manufacturers. The vast majority of them are new entries with limited experience, but a handful of manufacturers like Eden Labs, MRX Xtractors, Vitalis Extraction Technology and yes, my company Apeks Supercritical, have been innovating and improving the CO2 extraction process with an intensity that has never been seen before.

“The MRX 130L is at the forefront of the industry’s solution for an all-in-one system with unmatched performance. It’s designed to overcome the technology obstacles of scaled ethanol production and produce award winning products.” states CEO Paul Tomaso

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Here is a company on the same mission with a newly acquired 100L extractor from MRX

Odin will continue production of their WHO? branded oils on their four finely tuned 20 liter CO2 extractors. The addition of the 100 liter extractor will help them meet the overwhelming demand for their products and increase their dispensary footprint to over 400 stores.

Crazy potential using MRX

MRX clients recent accomplishments

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CA Temp licenses allowing USEI to get going?


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