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Powerstorm has built a dedicated and impressive team with competent leadership and industry recognized expertise in the refurbished and new telecom equipment field of supply chain management. Management consists of highly seasoned executives with deep experience in worldwide telecom sourcing and asset management. Our leaders are supported by teams based in strategic global locations and capitalized by private industry investors who share our vision and finance our growth.

Based in Amsterdam, with offices in Los Angeles and Bucharest and repair centers around the world, we bring the benefits of global reach and enjoy a deep understanding of local business strategy and practices by our telecom operator clients. Our services and operational footprint span from North and South America, to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Powerstorm Pledges 800 Solar Sites with minimum 1kW Load 3-5 Days Autonomy June 2016-June 2017 ==>>>> Our Corporate Commitment is to reduce 3600 Tons of CO2 during 2016-2017.


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Solar Products

Lithium Battery Products 

GPS System

Our Modular Energy Storage Solution (MESS) combines Lithium Ion batteries with vertical axis wind turbine, solar panel, and generator technologies, all moderated by our patent-pending “digital brain,” to deliver a steady and efficient stream of reliable power. MESS is easily transportable and “plug and play,” allowing for rapid installation and startup. MESS features advanced interconnectivity and monitoring capabilities, making it ideal for operation in even the most remote locations.

  • SLEEK DESIGN: aesthetically pleasing, anti-theft, and fully enclosed
  • MODULAR: comes with plug-and-play solar and wind components
  • CONTAINERIZED: energy storage and generation components incorporated in unit
  • SCALABLE: able to meet power demands of up to TK with either wind or solar
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: can be tailored to meet specific requirements

Modular Enegy Storage System

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Currently Hiring New Employees!

Current Job Openings

Powerstorm is a U.S. based telecom company with local sales offices in the Netherlands, the United States and Romania. We work in a U.S. style, English speaking, fast-paced environment to provide telecom equipment and global logistics to worldwide network operators.

We are only seeking people who want to Make a Difference with a Real Purpose to build the world with better blocks.
Visionary, dependable, responsible, freedom seeker with team player skills, innovative & action taker.
Kind and global minded. All levels.

Sales & Market Growth 

  • Business Sales – Account Rep (Part-time and Full-time)
  • Global Account Manager with Telecom and Power Experience ( Full-time)
  • Business Analyst (Full-time)

Supply Chain

  • Sales and Purchasing Representatives

Finance and Accounting

  • Finance / Accounting Assistant (Full-time)

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