Exclusive Interview with Kate Bahnsen CEO of Inca Worldwide Inc (OTC:QEDN)

We are happy to present our exclusive interview with Kate Bahnsen, the CEO of Inca Worldwide, Inc. (OTC:QEDN). We were delighted to learn of some significant developments with the company, who has been “laying low” for the past few months. It’s evident that a lot of work and planning has gone into the next phase of this company, and we at Brodmann Enterprises are happy to bring this to you.


Key Highlights

  • Confirmed: Company/Ticker name change in 2018
  • 2,000 hectares harvesting
  • Production begins in 2 months
  • 3 new products to be launched in 2018
  • Signing two distribution deals in 2018 (Canada)
  • Finishing the Audit of QEDN and GEGI (name change)
  • No Dilution
  • Entrance into the pet food market (IncPet)
  • Press Releases should be out by end of month


Confirmation on going Pink Current,

Soon, Yes we will be back to Pink as soon we have our financials done

Confirmation on Dilution, 

Alpine Brokers have lost the clearing so it is impossible to dilute. We are not diluting


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, we really appreciate it. How has 2018 been treating you and QEDN ?

Very good we have been working with farmers and we are ready to open our first Sacha Inchi shop in Sinai. This is a very exciting time now for our company.


Can the shareholders expect some Updates or Press Releases in the near future?

Yes we will be posting updates end of the month (July)


Would you mind talking about the products you are planning to launch in 2018?

We will do our IncaMilk, IncaPet and more other products. With the new increased farming and production, we can launch more products now.


Has QEDN made any significant distribution deals lately, or future plans for distribution? Going forward, how will you sell these amazing products? Online? Stores?

Yes we are working with Ecotrend Canada and other Canadian companies, with plans on signing two more distribution agreements in 2018

What excites you about this company, in the Inca products?

We are making a difference in my community and country and we are creating exciting new products all made with Sacha Inchi


Can you give the shareholders any insight into your plans for the rest of 2018? Major milestones?

  • Open our first Sacha Inchi store

  • Have at least 2,000 hectares of Sacha Inchi starting production in 2018

  • Bring in to the market at least 3 new products in 2018

  • Sign two more distribution agreement in 2018

  • Finish the audit of QEDN and GEGI


Are there any plans for QEDN to uplist to higher stock exchanges?

Yes there are plans to uplist in 2019


Can you talk about the potential financial forecasts?

We are working on the updates on the financial statement and the audit. With this we can change the name of the company. Farmers are just starting to grow Sacha Inchi so our projections will be more in line end of 2018. With 2,000 hectares of harvest, our revenues will reflect this new growth.

Can you talk about how your company plans to increase revenues in the future?

Yes we are getting more farmers to plant Sacha Inchi this will increase the production and allow us to export more product significantly

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today Kate. Next week, we will be releasing two more video from Kate, talking about the opening of their new store, and the exciting news regarding their pending ticker/company name change. Stay tuned!


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