Exclusive Corporate Update from Anthony Miller, CEO of U.S. Energy Initiatives Corp.

Hello to all my loyal shareholders,


For the past few months we have been actively working with a group to procure financing for our comprehensive cannabis operations. In 2017, we formed a business plan for cannabis that focused on the extraction of cannabis oil and to acquire technology that would allow us to do that. Over the course of these past months our mission has expended beyond our initial aspirations to include a broader range of cannabis operations. Working with MRX one of our manufacturers, our past growers and other facility owners and other manufacturers, we now have a plan that the investment group was seeking.
Now, the goal is and has always been to become a significant producer in the California marketplace; and with this in mind we sought to raise capital that would increase the scope of our operation to look like companies that we have seen in other states that have been in operation for years… yes, we could have meticulously grown our business organically and in 3 or 4 years to arrive to the point that we are starting however, we opted to start where we projected to be in year 3.
In the coming days and weeks we will announce this expanded plan along with the capital that we have secured (as always mention non-stock dilutive capital). and I know that some will say that I have said that we will announce this before; which is a true statement. The next few weeks will tell weather we have been twiddling our thumbs or really working on this plan and financing. Our period of silence is ending…So look forward to significant announcements in USEI that we believe will be trans-formative to our operations and our future growth. Thank you for your patience which I acknowledge may have been painful at times but in this case the end will justify the means.

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