Exclusive one-on-one Interview with CEO of Consorteum Holdings Inc., Craig Fielding.

Today we are joined by Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum Holdings Inc, to discuss his company and why shareholders should be excited for what is to come in 2018 and 2019. Recently, Consorteum Holdings Inc announced its wholly owned subsidiary, 359 Mobile Inc., entered an exclusive joint business agreement with DevLex Ltd. Further, Consorteum Holdings Inc., announced their plans to release t heir first new Sports-Oriented Mobile platform.  The company has a positive outlook, and we have Craig here to help us understand why.


Craig, thank you for speaking with us today, we really appreciate it. Tell us, how is 2018 treating you and Consorteum Holdings Inc. ?

So far 2018 has been a very positive year, we have a very dedicated team, this team effort is now going to see the produce the results we have been working toward for shareholders and Management alike. We went into the year with a very specific strategy, including the re-organisation of the company, a refocus on delivery of specific product launches, and realisation of revenues that have been a long time coming… We had target dates outlined for the specific product launches, and we are currently on track, as you can see from the recent Press releases, and Market News updates.


Many people are interested in your as the CEO. Can you speak about your background a bit?

Very briefly I was in Management at different levels with Xerox in North America, after leaving Xerox over 10 years ago, I was with two independent start-ups before starting Consorteum Inc, originally a Canadian company focused on the sub processing world, that company transformed into what is now Consorteum Holdings, the company you see today.


Everyone is excited about the recent news that has come out from CSRH – Can you tell us if the shareholders can expect some news/PR soon?

Yes. We have a very specific roadmap to success for the company, as per my previous answer to the first question, we have a very specific set of deliverables for the next 18 months, and the team is extremely focused on delivery. We have spent the last two years perfecting our platform, the UMI (Universal Mobile Interface), and now the strategy turns to focus on delivering to the market.


Can you talk more about how the company will bring in more revenue?

Every one of our deliverables over the next 6-18 months has extremely strong revenue expectations, our first solution to market in the Sports predictive analytics world has already been press released, all I can say is that all the hard work this team has put in over the last few years is now going to realise the rewards for Consorteum.


With your venture into mobile gaming/sports analytics, are you planning on getting a celebrity/athlete on board?

Good question. And the answer is it is on our roadmap plan, we have had several discussions, and no decisions have been made, but Sports endorsement is a distinct possibility, more to come…


What inspires you about this company, and its future?

The pedigree of the team we have, and the vision of how positively disruptive we are going to be… We have spent years researching the market, and believe we have a significant differentiator in the Fintech space. The cohesiveness of this team and the loyalty to get to where we are after years of hard work is inspiring…


Where do you see Consorteum Holdings Inc in 2019?

What I can say is we have a full schedule for the next 18 months, which will be the basis for the next 36 months of growth and revenues, our goal of significantly increasing shareholder value is our primary goal, and we are on track.


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