Exclusive one-on-one Interview with Bemax Inc.

Today we are joined by Bemax Inc, to discuss a variety of topics, including the launch of two new products this year, and further confirmation of deal struck with Walmart.com to host their products with free shipping. A company trading under $0.001 with real products for sale on Walmart.com, and soon to be released new products, is highly undervalued. We are excited to feature Bemax Inc., and will be watching their progress closely.

Key Points

  • Shareholders should be expecting updates on new product launches
  • Availability of products on Walmart.com
  • Introduction of two new products
  • We expect revenue to increase during the current year.


Can the shareholders expect some major updates or PRs in the near future? (Can you expand on them at all?)

The Company will continue to provide updates to shareholders as they become available and appropriate. Shareholders should be expecting updates on our new products to be launched later this year. Furthermore, there will be updates relating to our revenue and new purchase orders.

Would you mind talking about the exciting news that BMXC has filed for trademark with the U.S. patent office for its brand of Mothers Touch disposable diapers? (Try to expand as much as you can here, even though its in your recent PR)

The filing for trademark with U.S. patent office for our Mother’s Touch disposable diaper is part of our strategic plan to continue to protect our private label brands. This is also consistent with the investment in our ongoing production facility.


Has BMXC made any significant distribution deals? (please speak about your exciting news that you are now available in Walmart)

The availability of our private label disposable diaper in Walmart provides the much needed visibility and awareness to continue to our market share.


Can you speak about your background a bit?

I will want to state my background specifically in the area of disposable diaper. I started the importation of disposable diaper in private capacity over a decade ago. I have since established strong network of disposable diaper distributors and wholesalers globally. My
accounting background has help immensely in the day to day operations of the company.

What’s next for BMXC?

We are working to introduce two new products during the current year. These are the private label baby wipes and sanitary pads.


Can you talk more about how the company will bring in more revenue?

We have purchase orders ready to fill. We will continue to work to secure direct equity funding to allow us fulfilled all outstanding purchase orders. We expect revenue to increase during the current year. Adequate funding is key to fulfilling all outstanding purchase orders.


Are there any plans/desires to have BMXC uplisted to other OTC stock exchanges?

We did uplist in the first quarter of 2017. The company lost the status due to selling pressure that saw decline in the price per share below $0.01. Our focus now is to continue to generate revenue. Uplisting will be reconsider at the appropriate time


How will you continue to increase BMXC’s revenues in 2018 and into 2019?

As stated earlier, our primary objective is to fulfill all of our purchase order. As we continue to steadily achieve this objective, we will see increase in revenue in the current year and beyond.

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