Exclusive Interview with Matt Dwyer, CEO of Trans Global Group Inc.

Today we are joined by Matt Dwyer, CEO of Trans Global Group Inc, to discuss why his company is making headlines lately, and why shareholders should be excited for whats to come in 2018. TGGI has now become Pink Current, and is now in a position to begin releasing news on its plans for 2018. Recently, Matt announced that TGGI now owns 540 million shares of the Common Stock of IGPK, which will soon be Pink Current as well. The significant value that TGGI holds is catching the attention of investors and is positioning itself to eventually up-list to higher OTC exchanges. Here now is Matt Dwyer to discuss a little more in depth about TGGI and its bright future.

Matt, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. How is 2018 treating you and Trans Global Group so far?

For the first 4 months, ok. However, the next 8 months should be a whole new ball game now that I have the information for the second entity TGGI owns.

Seems to be a lot of excitement around TGGI lately. Can the shareholders expect some major updates or PRs in the near future?

I think the main update people want to see and learn about is the second sub. This company will do exactly what Cannabis Consortium does for BDCI with two major differences;

1) TGGI owns all the revenue and outside of any rev share deals it enters into it will not have to share half of its review from its main product [Like Cannabis with its device] with another company.

2) The sub is a publicly traded company so as the value of the price increase so does the amount of assets held by TGGI.

Can you speak about your background a bit?

I have been in the industry since 1986 when I started at DLJ in Manhattan.  I have held various securities licenses, have a clean record and can get my license back if I chose to.  I do not have any disciplinary marks against me nor do I have any criminal record.  I have raised million of dollars for companies during my career, and I have had setbacks as well.  I have worked with private companies and taken them public, I have worked with companies that have moved from the Pinks to the OTCBB, NASDAQ, and AMEX.  I have worked with major Wall Street firms and Analysts.  I have been involved in rollups of businesses.  I had probably the first IR phone room in the early 1990’s.  Through my career I have done and accomplished a lot.  What I like most about what I am doing now with both TGGI and BDCI, is there are people who have more knowledge then me about the MJ sector running those operations and all I have to do is run the public company.

What’s next for BDCI? We have seen some major strength with BDCI.

The key to BDCI is following through with what it has told the markets already.  The closing the edible deal was a home run, the Private Placement and the price per share setup the next few closings the Company is working on.  The Edibles starting to get infused and shipped this week means revs for BDCI.  The Company need to close on some of the other items it stated this month.

Can you tell us if TGGI plans on doing a reverse split anytime soon?

No, one can never be done on TGGI.

Will you be diluting at in the near future?

TGGI will not be issuing shares to raise capital.

Can you talk more about how the company will bring in more revenue?

Revenue for TGGI will be generated from its Master Distribution Agreement with BDCI for the edible device, which will be on the market soon and utilize the 400 edible distributors already in place for BDCI and its Partners.  Second from its own transaction utilizing the second sub.

Can you give us some insight into your companies plans in 2018 and into 2019?

The goals for 2018 and 2019 are the same grow revenues and try to acquire as many in roads into the MJ sector as possible.  Over the next 5 years a consolidation will take place within the MJ sector and the stronger brands will get acquired.

Is there plans in the works to have BDCI and/or TGGI uplisted to other OTC stock exchanges?

I would say Yes, to both and the reason is OTC has made it very easy to move a company from the Pinks to the OTCQB as I refer to as the audited Pinks.  The only reason to move up is when the company has revenue not before.

Will there be any form of share-buy back for TGGI still?

The Buyback will start after the sales of the device begin and Cannabis is revenue generating to allow the price of BDCI to rise to limit the amount needed to be sold.

Can you speak about the new patents that has been mentioned in previous press releases?

The mechanical drawings have been received and I am making adjustments to them.  I will have the Provisional Patents filed this month.  Counsel is going to be retained over the next two weeks.  I slowed the process done to make sure I had all the components in place to not only market but distribute the products after the provisional patent was filed.

Why are there so many delays?

Most people do not realize that when a company wants to do something such as an audit it is dependant on others to have the same priority the Company does.  Pubco’s are reliant on attorneys, accountants, auditors, TA, OTCMarkets just to name a few.  We have lost so much time waiting around for people to deliver items to us or complete tasks.  The frustration with this is overwhelming because the Company’s management takes the heat for the delays of others.  Shareholders should realize that management benefits from a higher share price and getting this done on time.


Further expanding on the share buy back…. TGGI Newswire Update:

– Over $1.5 Million in New Assets Through the Acquisition of a Second Public Traded Company
– Total Net Assets Added in 4Q2017 Are Over $3 Million
– Multi-State Locations to Open in the First 6 Months of 2018
– New FL Corporate Office Open for Business

As part of TGGI’s announced growth strategy as an MJ holding company, in October, TGGI purchased a control block in a second OTC Pink company. TGGI’s plan is to audit the new entity and register its shares with the SEC. This entity diversifies TGGI’s MJ-sector related holdings and will house MJ related assets the company is working on that are not into intended to go into Cannabis Consortium. Based on the closing price yesterday TGGI’s control block in the second entity is valued at over $1.5 million. After OTCMarkets has been updated, TGGI will release additional details.

The total value of new assets added in the 4th quarter of 2017 based on yesterday’s closing price of Bahamas Development Corporation (“BDCI) and the new entity is over $3 million dollars. Once both companies are audited and register their shares, TGGI has several options to leverage those assets for cash that can be used to reduce the float of TGGI and increase its value.



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