Exclusive Corporate Update from Consorteum Holdings, Inc. NBA, NFL, and MLB on their Radar!

We have just received a corporate update from the CEO of Consorteum Holdings, Inc., Craig Fielding. Very exciting to announce ambitions to enter North American Markets, including the NBA, NFL, and MLB.


May 23rd, 2018 Corporate update!  The company is very focused right now on our Predictive Analytics offerings starting with Cricket in the International markets, launching  over the next 6 weeks. Now with the Federal announcement of 14th, May 2018, paving the way now for State level Sports wagering offerings, proven in-market productive analytics for mobile will become the obvious companion for the sports fans, lending all its attributes to sports such as Basketball, Baseball, and Football”.

Further from Consorteum Holdings, Inc.

With the Supreme Court ruling, CSRH will certainly explore opportunities in North America, including NFL and MLB as those windows open.

This will suit their ambitions of a sports athlete endorsement, and CEO Craig Fielding mentioned,

It is on our road map plan, we have had several discussions, and no decisions have been made, but Sports endorsement is a distinct possibility, more to come…

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