Amazonas Florestal (OTCMKTS: AZFL) Showing Strong Accumulation in anticipation of their first CBD product going to market

Today Amazonas Florestal (OTCMKTS:AZFL) showed strong accumulation in anticipation of the companies first product to hit the market on (or around) January 15th. Recently, Amazon H Hemp Ltd. announced that its formulators have put the base tinctures and flavors into production, and will begin manufacturing in January 2018. The company stated that their first product launch will be on or around January 15th, which will be sold on-line and through retail outlets and dispensaries nationwide.

Today we witnessed a shift in buying volume in the form of larger blocks being bought up ranging from 5 million to 10 million share blocks, significantly higher on average than the previous 2 weeks.


Amazonas Florestal has also recently announced they have completed their first purchase order in the sum of $100,000 USD…

The Company also reported that it has received its first substantial purchase order for $100,000 US to deliver products in January to Bonsai Med Spa Inc. The new account supplies doctors offices throughout South Florida.

Perhaps helping small hemp companies like AZFL is the momentum Bill  HR 3530 is gaining as it prepares to enter the house and senate. A 39th co-sponsor was added to Bill HR 3530, Industrial Farming Act of 2017, effectively bolstering its effectiveness in the house. This signals a strong move for this bill, as previously it was stated by the bills founders that acquiring a significant list of co-sponsors would be difficult. Now, we can see new co-sponsors being added almost monthly.

Besides the significant impact this bill has on small hemp companies in the USA, it is also an important piece of legislation for the following reasons….

What H.R. 3530 does is simple: it defines Industrial Hemp as something that is not an illicit substance and excludes it from the Controlled substances act . THis will seperate it from Marijuana and allow for un obsrtucted access to hemp derived products for millions of consumers.

This is a great thing. Not just for hemp growers and consumers in the US, but for consumers worldwide. It’s wildely known that the “Made in the USA” stamp designates a high quality product. When H.R. 3530 is passed, Hemp can join this club.

We continue to believe more communication, more substantial and transparent PR’s, along with some confidence building within the company, will shoot this ticker back to where it was over the summer. 2018 will be a real test to see if buying volume continues, and if the company fulfills its promise of launching their first product. Another run could be in the making for 2018



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