CEO Frank Hawley of MHHC Enterprises Fulfills Promise to shareholders – PPS set to rise due to filings & confirmation of $437,000.00 in revenue.

Key Points: 

  • $437,000,00 was recorded as revenue
  • More Press Releases to come
  • Filings have been uploaded
  • CEO has promised “stop sign” will be taken down on OTC Markets

Recently appointed new CEO of MHHC Enterprises, Frank Hawley, has made good on a significant promise made to his shareholders. After taking over as CEO, Mr. Hawley promised the shareholders the reporting of financials before the end of 2017, which has now been released (December 28, 2017). From this, shareholders will be pleasantly surprised to read that $437,000,00 was recorded as revenue – a major accomplishment for any company listed on the OTC stock exchange. Perhaps most significant for MHHC shareholders is that their CEO sets deadlines as well as makes deadlines. OTC investors know all to well the frustration when a newly appointed CEO takes the helm, promises the world, but fails to deliver when it matters the most (hitting promised deadlines). In the short tenure as CEO of MHHC, Mr. Hawley has set aggressive deadlines, and so far, met every single one of them.

MHHC continues to be an interesting ticker to follow, especially now that we have confirmed that revenues have been reported, and of course, the CEO is transparent and meets his deadlines. Initially, Mr. Hawley promised a FINRA approved name change, which has been successful and is now trading on all platform as the new ticket, MHHC. Now, Mr. Hawley has promised the stop sign will be coming down, and “multiple PR’s” to be released, all adding to the excitement of MHHC. Stay tuned for more developments in the opening weeks of 2018 as MHHC continues to charge.

Here are the most recent filings, uploaded December 28, 2017: 

Interim Financial Report – Corporate P & L through November 2017

Supplemental Information – 2016 Revised Financials Service USA

Supplemental Information – 2015 Revised Financials Service USA

Supplemental Information – 2016 Revised Financials McCusker and Company Inc

Supplemental Information – 2015 Revised Financials McCusker and Company Inc









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