Brodmann Enterprises Corporate Exclusive with Hop-On Inc. (OTCMKTS:HPNN) Potential for revenues run through Hop-on in the billions

Key Points:

  • License agreements with Microsoft and Nokia
  • Dealing with 2 large factories in China with combined market caps between 10 and 50 billion dollars
  • Potential for revenues run through Hop-on in the billions
  • Re-Medical and other websites will be launched before the end of the year
  • Expecting up-list to different stock exchanges based on new deals
  • Stop sign will be taken down before the end of the year

Hop-On Inc. Update:

Hop-on has been focusing on utilizing our license agreements with Microsoft and Nokia. The Chinese factories who we are dealing with are huge. Two of the Companies market caps over 10 to 50 billion dollars. The revenues that potentially could be ran thru Hop-on are in the billions.

These are extremely complicated legal issues. Especially dealing in huge amount of cash to our company and working with foreign conglomerates who do not like to pay royalties. That is proven with the fact they have not. Now, there are a couple Federal and International courts that our now making them pay. They have run out of legal means for stalling paying royalties. I am not saying 100% we are getting the deal. I am saying its looking good

Hop-on could save these companies hundreds of millions right now. There will be a test solution coming to a foreign jurisdiction. I am under NDA to say anything specific about the transaction. The longer they wait, potentially better for Hop-on in the next week. Each day will cost them millions of dollars if they get shut down. Potentially, billions in market caps in their companies because of court rulings and not shipping their products thru other countries customs.


Hop-on is in the process of domiciling in Wyoming. This will be completed before the end of the year.

During additional questions asked the CEO in response to the above statements, he had the following to say:

If one of these companies run 1 billion in revenue thru Hop-on, our market cap will be worst case, 1 x’s billion cap. That would qualify Hop-on to become a fully reporting public company. I am sure we would qualify for different stock exchanges.



Further, asked if the CEO plans to get the OTCMarkets stop sign down, he had the following to say:

TC Stop sign will be taken down before the end of the year. Doing it now. Remember, I have not been raising money thru selling stock. So, the fees were not necessary to pay. Now we are bringing everything current to help out our shareholders.

Re-Medical Update:

Since the laws have changed in California, the MMJ deals are becoming more attractive. The main issue is having a product that is certified thru a third party/testing facility. We have that solution now. Our testing results will be posted on each product. All our products are 100% Organic, Gluten Free, No pesticides, solvent free cannabidiol products. The TCH products are the same.

Currently we are working with companies who have licenses or in the process of obtaining licenses. The greatest thing about these products is that we can ship directly to your home and to our distributors our other brands. Those brands are in the process of obtaining Trademarks and hopefully some patented technology.

**The Re-Medical and other websites will be launched before the end of the year.


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