What will it take for AZFL to re-build its reputation?

Yesterday we seen a packed press release suggesting new products, their first purchase order, entrance into the Bitcoin realm, and talk about releasing their product officially in the first month of 2018. However, even such a press release failed to move the PPS above .0006, suggesting many shareholders and future shareholders still remain skeptical regarding the companies legitimacy. Only a few months ago we witnessed a strong run to +0.007, before it started to retract back down due to high selling, and a halt in communication between the company and its shareholders regarding the harvest results. However, as 2018 approaches, the company as attempted to re-build its reputation by a series of press releases. It’s stands to reason that as the company continues to fulfill promises and communicate better with its shareholders, the PPS will eventually correct it self, and confidence will return in the company. However, only if actually results are obtained and presented clearly to the shareholders.


Today, Amazonas Florestal has announced they have completed their first purchase order in the sum of $100,000 USD…

The Company also reported that it has received its first substantial purchase order for $100,000 US to deliver products in January to Bonsai Med Spa Inc. The new account supplies doctors offices throughout South Florida.

as well as a set timeline to when their products will first be launched.

Amazon Hemp Ltd. reported that consumer product testing is advancing on schedule for completion next week on 12/27/2017, results thus far have been positive and the company continues on time for the launching of the first products in January 2018.

Most interestingly, the company mentioned they are pursuing a venture to utilize Bitcoin and micro currency for their product sales… 

The Company also announced that management is analyzing a proposal to utilize Bitcoin and micro currency in the invoicing and collection of product sales and accounts payable. Johnnie Cisneros, Managing Director for AHL stated, “The marketing effort has already demonstrated a decent acceptance of the first product proven by the first large pre-order that will be delivered in January and be distributed to doctors offices here in Florida.” Mr. Cisneros went on to add that “Mid-January will see the product offered to the public also through our company websites and later at and other public online platforms. The company mission to have our line of CBD products to become widely accepted by the consumers that need them and associated with the best quality and taste of any sold on the market.”

Today, we seen some significant buying volume, suggesting an interesting shift in daily volume. 


We believe only more communication, more substantial and transparent PR’s, along with some confidence building within the company, will shoot this ticker back to where it was over the summer. 2018 will be a real test to see if buying volume continues, and if the company fulfills its promise of launching their first product. Another run could be in the making for 2018.

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